For Issuers and Underwriters

For Issuers and Underwriters

Having a straight-forward, credible way to communicate the greenhouse gas (GHG) impact of your products to investors is critical for building demand for future investments. Climate Impact ScoreTM provides a rigorous, transparent assessment of GHG reductions investors can anticipate from your investment opportunity. Providing a Climate Impact Score with your offering gives investors a clear sense of their investments’ carbon impacts and a level of credibility that high level “green” certifications can’t. CIS impact assessments should be viewed as complimentary to programs which certify the use of proceeds against a green/not-green taxonomy.

There are currently no regulatory standards for measuring or disclosing the environmental benefits of projects financed by green bonds or loans. Transparent, quantitative assessments from trusted third-party evaluators are the best tool for making the case to investors to include green bonds (or bonds for environmentally-focused projects generally) in their investment portfolios. Additionally, issuers and underwriters who do have internal assessment capabilities will still benefit from the impartial second opinion provided by CIS.

Climate Impact Score uses our rigorous, standardized approach to quantify the estimated GHG impacts of financial products and provides you with an assessment you can share with investors to make the case for investing in your product. It is the first and only assessment tool that quantifies the GHG reductions from projects funded by an investment over their entire lifetime.

Who should partner with us?

  • Green bond issuers and underwriters
  • Green banks, including domestic public infrastructure and development banks
  • Local and state governments
  • Municipal utilities
  • Special districts, such as water agencies and transit districts
  • Private sector bond issuers
  • Investment banks

Contact us about conducting an ex-ante or ex-post assessment of the climate impacts of your financial products.