Your Project Impact

Know Your Project’s Impact

The world needs an estimated US$90 trillion in sustainable infrastructure investments to reduce climate risk and achieve the global greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals set in the Paris Agreement. In order to attract and grow the financing we need, the market must have transparent and credible information about investments’ impacts. It needs a standardized approach to quantify investments’ estimated GHG reductions and compare them to the reductions each investment claims it will achieve.

Climate Impact ScoreTM enables investors, underwriters and secondary market participants to direct financing toward projects that will have a positive climate impact and support the Paris Agreement’s $90 trillion funding goal to lower climate risk.

An assessment from Climate Impact Score provides the following clear and concise information regarding an investment’s impact on climate change:

  • Best in class comparison – A measure of how well a project or portfolio compares to “best in class” projects in terms of reducing the greatest amount of GHG emissions.
  • Climate benefit quantification – A measure of the total expected GHG reductions over the lifetime of the projects being funded (metric tons of CO2-equivalent).
  • Climate finance impact – A measure of the intensity of GHG benefits for an investment based on dollars spent (metric tons of CO2e reduced per $1,000 invested).

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